TVC & Advertisement

TV Commercial (TVC) or advertisement is a form of marketing used to sell products or services via ads on Television (TV). Commercial advertising is important to businesses of all sizes, as it is a great way to get the good word out about your business to existing and potential customers alike.

As it turns out, according to Donald Gunn, the creative director at Leo Burnett advertising agency, there are 12 types of ads. Among them most of the types are businesses, however, here we are pointing few of them.


A spokesperson ad employs a single person to stand for the product, company or brand. The theory is that viewers will connect with the spokesperson psychologically in a way they would not connect to a product or service.


Commercials are a staple of television advertising. Demonstration ads take advantage of the visual element of television by showing viewers what the product can do in context.


Businesses also use the problem-solution commercial approach to good effect, in large part because of its versatility. This approach overlaps with the demonstration ad for products, but also works for services that rely on a skill-set.


Infomercials operate as the television analogue of the long-form sales letter. This falls beneath the direct-response approach to advertising, in which the commercial asks the viewer to call or write-in to place an order.

Package Offers

SL No. Description Quantity Price
01 Concept & Script for TVC
to include all other creatives
BDT 36,00
$ 450.00
02 Adaptation to storyboard of same
open to discussion
BDT 12,000
$ 150.00
03 TVC Production
open to discussion
At Actual
04 Concept fot TV Programme
open to discussion
BDT 18,000
$ 225.00
05 Concept & Script for Scroll Ad
open to discussion
BDT 9,000
$ 112.50
06 Subtitle up to 10 line
open to discussion
BDT 7,200
$ 90.00
07 Animated TVC Concept
open to discussion
BDT 15,000
$ 187.50
08 Animated TVC upto 10 seconds
open to discussion
BDT 45,000
$ 562.50
09 Animated TVC upto 30 seconds
open to discussion
BDT 81,000
$ 1012.50