COVID-19 impact on Digital Advertising

The coronavirus crisis is yet to be solved and hence, the lift of the shutdown is still far from reality. However due to this prolonged period of shutdown, the current business landscape is going through some drastic transformations in marketing, finance, HR or in every function of a business. It has completely transformed the way that we interact with others, work, travel, and do just about every daily activity. It should come as no surprise that it has impacted marketing advertisement as well.

Transposing of Consumer Behaviour:
Due to widespread coronavirus concern and growing restrictions, normal life has been put on pause for now. Consumers, no longer out and about, are avoiding all but the most essential store runs in an effort to stay healthy. Instead, they’re turning to e-commerce to get what they need shipped right to their door. They’re also turning to digital devices, both mobile and desktop, to connect with others despite the required self-isolation and social-distancing policies. Be it to stay entertained or to get educated on the latest developments, they are logging in to social networks, smart TVs, video game consoles, and their phones more than ever before where any brands and products get a good platform to be advertised

Transformation of Digital Advertising Strategies:
Digital advertisers are also scaling up spend in channels that align with consumer behaviour shifts and cutting costs in channels that don’t. Since sporting events have been postponed or cancelled and once bustling cities have grown quiet for now, smart advertisers are looking for ways to move traditional TV, print and outdoor spend to advanced TV or connected TV.
Ad messaging is also shifting during this difficult time. Some advertisers are replacing their usual come visit/shop/purchase/dine/join messaging with health-focused or PSA-style ads, while others are pausing promotional campaigns to refocus on their evergreen branding
It is important that your digital marketing messages are still relevant and aligned with customer’s interests and concerns. This may require some creativity but focus on ways that your brand makes things easier, better, or safer for the masses.

According to behaviour and strategic change there maintain brand, build strong connections, evaluate messaging, shift media channel mix, keep an eye on marketing shift, watch competitors is the key factor to follow in digital advertising.