Is it actually helping??? Few brand new advanced features of facebook….


Is it actually helping??? Few brand new advanced features of facebook….

The one constant in social media marketing is that things are always changing, and this is especially true on the world’s largest social network, Facebook.


Even more interesting these days is that when Facebook makes a change, there’s a trickle-down effect to Instagram, which is especially true in regards to advertising.

There has consistently been a steady stream of updates coming to the platform for as long as I’ve been writing about social media.

This month was no different, but we’ve gotten even more big news than normal, making it a little more like a tiny flash flood instead of a slow trickle.

In this month’s edition of Facebook Updates post. They are going to take a look at the soon-to-be-improved ads and business managers, the cost cap bidding option, new inventory filters, and more!


Here are the 12 most important Facebook updates in Q1 2018 that could have a huge effect on your results and ad cost:

  1. You can create Facebook ads with a Dynamic Creative to find top creatives.
  2. Facebook ads now have dynamic language optimization.
  3. Facebook now has a Creative Split Testing feature.
  4. You can verify your domains on Facebook and keep editing link previews.
  5. You can now customize your creative assets by placement.
  6. There are new multicity and multicountry targeting features.
  7. Facebook is clamping down on engagement bait.
  8. You can customize the Thank You screen of your Lead Ads.
  9. Facebook is launching Sound Collection – a set of free video sounds.
  10. Facebook is testing a new type of Messenger ads.
  11. Facebook is adding click-to-WhatsApp messaging ad buttons.
  12. You can now invoice buyers via PayPal’s Messenger extension.

Augmented Reality Ads:

With Augmented Reality Ads, brands will be able to build deeper connection with users by helping them interact with, and visualize, different products and experiences within the Facebook platform.

Facebook AR ads:

You will be able to test yours product, the ads will enable users to quickly access the Facebook camera to test your offerings via a ‘Tap to try on’ CTA.

New Ads Manager & Business Manager Announced

Facebook just announced that by the end of the year, we’ll have a new and improved Ads Manager and Business Manager.

Earlier this month, they started rolling out the new Ads Manager interface. This new design has simplified navigation, a cleaner design, and improved campaign management thanks to easier-to-access reporting.

The campaign creation process is also getting an upgrade, with a new copy and paste feature that will help you speed up the time it takes to build any ads.


There will also be an auto-naming feature so that you don’t need to come up with your own campaign names (though how well this works for organizational purposes will remain to be seen).


These features will likely roll out later this year.


As for the Business Manager, one of the biggest updates will come in the next few months and involve an improved, faster, and seamless process that will make it easy for agencies to onboard new clients.


Add a New Partner dialog box


As someone who has worked with a number of clients on social media to manage their overall Pages along with their ads, I can say that this could be a huge game changer in terms of client onboarding in the best way.


Anything that speeds up our process and saves us time is good, but it also makes the clients’ experience significantly better, too.